The people behind the London Fashion Doll Festival

Simon Farnworth
Festival Chairman

Simon has collected dolls since discovering eBay in the late 1990’s. Since then his collection has gone from Sindy to Sybarites and back again. He has written for Haute Doll and DOLLS Magazine and runs the online community, He has been the LFDF Festival Chairman since the inaugural event in 2018.

Claudio Coronado
Creative Designer

Claudio has collected Fashion Dolls since the mid 2000’s, starting with Tonner and Madame Alexander 16” dolls. Now the main part of his collection is formed by Barbara and Lili, Mexican Fashion Dolls made in Mexico between 1967 and 1985. He started repainting dolls in 2013. He has been the Creative Designer for LFDF since its first edition in 2018.

Kim London
Photography & Exhibition Curator

Kim’s main passion is doll photography. She started collecting dolls when she saw pictures of ball jointed dolls in high fashions. She initially collected FR16 dolls by Integrity Toys, which has now gone to Sybarites as well as various others. She’s a regular contributor to Fashion Doll Quarterly and provides the photography for LFDF.

Ibrahim Ismail
Raffle & Competitions Coordinator

Ibrahim has been collecting and customising dolls for 30 years. A chance encounter with another collector in a London Toy Store opened up the crazy world of collectors and customising. It’s been non-stop since. He collects mainly Barbie and Integrity 12” dolls but has seen several 16” dolls slowly creeping in.


The people kindly taking the workshops, taking place on Saturday 6th June

Magda Mroczek-Stachowiak, AKA Madollena

Magda was born in Poland. From 1980 to 2010 she collected national dolls and specialized in dolls, whilst studying anthropology at University. Her collection of national dolls had a series of exhibitions in several polish museums between 1996 and 2012.

As a child, Magda had Aerobic Fleur and Great Shape Barbie but always wanted to have more, however, the Communist regime at the time made this impossible. It was in 1997 that Magda finally started collecting fashion dolls. Since childhood, she loved to sew fashions for dolls and taking photos of them. This love carried over into adulthood!

Magda has had several exhibitions of her fashion dolls collection and dolls photos. She never travels without a doll and loves to take photos of them wherever she goes and has travelled to over 40 countries. Her photography can be seen on her Magdollena FB page.

More Team Members Will Be Announced Soon…