A Guide to Exhibition Space at LFDF

On Day 1 of the London Fashion Doll Festival 3: ROYALS, which takes place on Saturday, 6th June 2020, there will be an exhibition taking place. We are inviting doll designers and brands of all kinds of dolls to take part. You can see pictures from our WONDERLAND exhibition here.

Here is some information and guidance for you as potential exhibitor. If you still have any questions then please get in touch.

Guidance for Exhibitors

  • To participate in the exhibition, we would like it to be based on the Carnaby 1960’s London theme. It can be a diorama or just a simple doll display (with 1960’s fashion) with your brand/poster backdrop.
  • You are allowed to share or collaborate with another brand for your exhibit display. We welcome all fashion doll brands.
  • Each individual exhibition space measures 35″ wide by 24″ deep (89x61cm). The height is not restricted. There are 11 free exhibition areas in all.
  • If you are personally attending LFDF then it is your responsibility to set up and dismantle your exhibit. Set up must be complete by 10:00 and dismantling by 17:00.
  • You are free to sell any items that you exhibit but this must be done at the Sunday Salesroom, which takes place in the same venue on 9th June 2019. Salestables are £30 each and can be purchased along with registration or separately.

Get in touch below if you wish to take part