Info for Brands

I want to inform you that my sales increased tremendously after the Festival last year. I now get clients from all over the world! I’m super excited to be able donate again and again!

Marlene Silva, Dollsydoll, Donated to the 2018 Goody Bag

If you run a doll brand or business we invite you to get involved in our 2019 convention. Last year we worked with Superdoll Collectables, GlamourOz Dolls, Kingdom Doll, EMPERIS Doll, PASHAPASHA and many more.

There are several ways for you to be involved:

Exhibit Your Work

We will have an exhibition area and brands will have the opportunity to take part in this. For example a new doll product or line. Please contact us for how this may work for you. Check out the Gallery from our LFDF1 exhibition.

Advertise in Our Program

We will be offering advertising space in our event souvenir booklet. A Double Page Spread is £60, a Full Page Ad is £30, a Half Page Ad is £15 and a Quarter Page Ad is £8.

Host an Event

You may also wish to hold your own event under the umbrella of the LFDF, such as a product unveiling, talk, presentation or cocktail event, for example. There are extra rooms available in the Museum on the day or you may choose another location, or even another day or evening of the event weekend. Please let us know if this is of interest and we can give you more details.

Sell With Us

We will have Salesroom tables available starting at £30 for 1 table. The Salesroom is taking place on Sunday 9th June at the V&A Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green, London. Tables can be booked in addition to the convention ticket price. They are also available separately should you not wish to attend the full convention. Check out our gallery from last year’s Salesroom.

Donate to the OOAK Auction/Raffle

We will be holding, around the time of the event, an eBay charity auction which will benefit Children’s Cancer Charity. We are looking for donations of OOAK dolls for this. The theme of the Festival is CARNABY in celebration of Carnaby Street of 1960’s Swinging London and we would love to see your interpretation of this! If you are not able to help with an OOAK doll then you may wish done a doll or other item to the Charity Raffle which will be taking place during the Sunday Salesroom. Again benefitting the same charity.

Donate to The Goody Bag

You may also wish to donate to the goody bag which will be given to each convention attendee. This may be a promotional item for your business, for example. We have places for 110 conventioneers.

Have a Suggestion?

We think the Festival is a great platform for your brand promotion and we hope you are happy to be involved in some way. Please do get in touch to discuss this further or if you have any of your own suggestions. Also, you are very welcome to attend the festival yourself if you can.

All the Brands involved in LFDF2 will gain additional exposure through our social media channels and mentions in our event program.